Renter's Insurance

SFinvest requires all tenants to provide liability insurance. Specifically, you must maintain, at all times during the term of tenancy, 1) liability insurance with limits of not less than $100,000.00, 2) issued by a California admitted carrier, 3) providing liability insurance for property damage to the Premises from fire, smoke, water, sewer backup or explosion.

If you do not supply insurance meeting these requirements, SFinvest will place liability insurance protecting the property owner, and naming the tenant as additional insured.

In the strongest possible terms, SFinvest suggests that you obtain a renters insurance policy, since those policies also protect your belongings from common risks.

As an added service to you, we have arranged for excellent renter’s insurance coverage fulfilling our requirements. If you do not have renters insurance or liability insurance, you may purchase insurance from any agent you choose, or you may go to the Resident Insure site listed below and choose your property. Your policy will be in effect in just a few minutes and we will be automatically notified.


SFinvest is not compensated in any way by Resident Insure or Appfolio when policies are issued.